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"Whoops" Hits the Headlines!

RSPCA inspector Charly Wain attended the emergency call to find the adult male ferret tangled in the mesh fencing at the DVLA centre on Mothers Way.

Inspector Wain said: “There’s no way the poor little ferret could have got out on his own, and he was so badly tangled up, I knew I would have to call the fire service for help.

“They arrived and were soon able to cut a section from the fence that the ferret, now named Whoops, was stuck in.

“However, as he was clearly in pain, I took him to straight to Abbey House Vets in Morley, still attached to the section of mesh, so they could remove him safely.''

Tip: When 'ferret proofing' a room, remember, if their head can fit so can their body (usually!!)

Your ferrets in winter

Winter can bring with it some quite horrible weather, so please don't forget to make sure that your ferrets enclosure is safe and secure if they live outside!

Daily checks on your ferrets enclosure can ensure that they stay warm, dry, draft free, and safe!

  • Are there any drafts or strong winds where their enclosure is?
  • Is everything waterproof?
  • Can the front of the enclosure be covered and protected from wind / rain?
  • Does everything seem sturdy and secure?

Remember! Ferrets are incredibly persistent, if something doesn't seem sturdy or secure don't chance leaving it, if your ferret notices something weak/loose in their enclosure they won't give up!

Once they arrived, a vet managed to start untangling Whoops, but after getting him out of one hole, it became clear he was firmly stuck in the rest. After sedating him, they finally managed to cut him free. He was given some pain relief - but he is now recovering well.

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Winter tip: Fleece blankets can make such cozy bedding on a cold and windy day!

SCFR 2018 Calendars are here!!

Looking for a gift for that ferret fanatic in your life? Or need a new 2018 Calendar for yourself? We now have stock of 2018 calendars available for purchase! All funds go to the rescue to help cover the costs of keeping our little fuzzies happy and healthy.

They will be priced at £10 each, with includes FREE postage and packing to anywhere in the United Kingdom, and we can also post to America for just an additional £5 postal fee!

Payment can be made via PayPal to - please state your full address in the message so we can post them out to you as soon as possible!

​As well as the most popular pictures that have so far been on our Facebook page throughout the year, there will be many more photos of the ferrets at the rescue in this beautiful little calendar.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information!

We also have our very own YouTube account! Why not stop by and take a look at some of the videos of our ferrets looking for homes, and local Vet Students learning to handle ferrets!

Thanks to the RSPCA, West Yorkshire Fire Service and Abbey House Vets for helping Whoops :D

Photos courtesy of Abbey House Vets

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