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Still not sure if our ferret bedding is for you and your carpet sharks? Why not have a read through a small sample of some of the wonderful feedback we have received from customers!

The machine stitched and finished by hand, material makes them strong enough to hold a ferret pile-on!

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If there are any hammocks and / or bedding that you are interested in buying, you can also message us through our Facebook page (a direct link to our page is just to the left!) or alternatively you can email us at ferretbeddingbyjules@gmail.com with your requirements, and we will contact you to discuss your choices and needs!

Our dedicated Facebook Page has lots more of images and information about the hammocks and bedding that we sell.

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"My ferrets are very pleased with the warmth and comfort of their double hammocks. Their ferrant is very pleased with the care shown in stitching -little risk of caught claws and these look like they'll last a while even with determined diggers around. Slightly dearer than other places but the quality of material, craftsmanship makes them better value you for money."

"As you can see The Princess loves Jules bedding. We get that ahhhhhh face every time we change it and you won't be able to get her out the thing again."

"Top quality bedding at very good prices I wouldn't buy from anyone else :-)"

"They are soft... they are warm... they are quality... they are strong... they are beautifully made... they are loved by all of my ferrets (current and past)... and they are addictive to buy (once you buy your first set, you want MOOOORE!)"

"We love our latest bed (triple hammock) it’s very warm and cozy, we play and snuggle up it makes us rather dozy, good quality material and a brilliant price too. Our mum loved it so much she said we needed two!"
x from Lilli, Leah and Mia
via Sharon 

"Jules I love your bedding. I just wish it wasn't over the pond. The bedding I got (had a service person bring back to the States) are still going strong after many washes."

"I like the triple hammocks as it gives the ferret a choice of where they'd like to sleep, fantastic vibrant colours and the material is so soft... big thumbs up from Polo ferret too :)"

"Absolutely adore the fantastic range of colours and patterns available, the products themselves are awesome but the fact that my money goes towards such a worthy cause rather than lining someone’s pocket is the biggest attraction for me!"

"Absolutely brilliant quality, high class service & for a good cause. why pay someone else, when the money goes back into the rescue. Loved the hammock that we got. Jealous of my fuzzies as I wish I could have one. So soft & comfy. Cannot wait to buy some more."

"Never have bedding from anyone else for two reasons 1, its first class Ferret bedding with a huge choice and 2, all profits go to South Cheshire Ferret Rescue."

"My little guys love your hammocks and snoozy sacks too! The tartan set I got was a real hit and my old girl Ruby's favourite bedding set, such lovely fluffy fabric and washes over and over too looking like new every time!"

"Absolutely lovely colours / prints. They wash really well and are really hardy - they stand up to ferrety clawing every day without disintegrating at all! I know that when I buy some, they'll never go to waste, the ferrets are in and out of them all the time, in fact, they look so comfy, I wonder if you could make some hooman-sized ones please?! :p"

"My guys love their stuff. I was surprised as to how well the double hammy is going over as usually my guys are not into that but it's just close enough together that my heavier boys feel very comfortable in it. I love the easy of cleaning and how strong the materials are. Fantastic!!"

"I brought one of the play hammocks with the toys on it. It’s very well made nice and strong. Soft fabric with added toys in each corner some are fixed and some came come off. My ferrets love it as its very bouncy. Its washes very well not faded at all or gone out shape still like new after lots of washes and ferrets playing in it Highly recommend."
Missc De Fuzzc

"I am really impressed with the bedding, strong, bouncy, comfortable for the fuzzies, after washes, still looks new, does not lose its shape, paws up from my boys for the play hammock, also a quick service once the order has been put in, p&p to France, definitely buy more :)"

Hi da McFuzzie Crew here; we lovez your beddingz, it is soft an cosy and dere is plenty of room for us all to snuggle down in together. Mum sayz she likes it cos it is easy to wash and driez quickly and we can't do damage to it! Lots of fun designz and they arrive very quickly throught the post"

"We've got several hammocks from you, a cage set and a play hammock and they are wonderful quality. Our ferrets really love them - they are so soft and cosy."

"My ferrets love their hammocks and they are so well made that they last and wash really well which is essential, they are strong and made with ferrets in mind... it’s not unusual to find 4 of ours piled into a small hammock but it still holds strong. And for me I just love the lovely fabric designs not just practical but pretty and fun, I wouldn't buy my hammocks from anywhere else now."

"My ferrets absolutely love your hammocks! They spend the majority of their time squished in the same one from Jules even though they have a few hammocks! I will definitely buy more in the future! Fantastic and strong (one hammock has held 8 ferrets at once!)"

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To help fund our rescue we sell bedding and hammocks which are handmade by the owner of the rescue, Jules! All our bedding is made using the warmest, softest materials to help keep your furry companion warm and happy during any time of the season. We have plenty of designs, sizes, styles, colours and materials to choose from to match your ferrets housing, and all proceeds help keep our rescue open! We sell lots of other ferret goodies too!